1. How much does the delivery cost?
We only charge the delivery fee only if the distance takes more than 30 Km from the airport Rp 200.000,-
2. How wide would the area be needed to set up the photo booth?
The area would take 2 m x 3 m. We use it for the camera, printing table and props table.
3. Do you need to stay and wait at the photo booth area?
No, We always have 2 experienced staff or ours that will attend your event and handle everything for you, so you can relax and enjoy your party. We will arrive at the venue at least two hours before the rent schedule; 1 hour for the preparation and another 1 hour of standby. That is not included your rent hour.
4. What is the standby hour for?
Sometimes the time doesn't run as planned and expected at your event. For example, if you need the photo booth to be ready at 6 but you don't want it to start until 9, it'd be charged 3 hours standby hour fee, outside the rent fee. The standby hour charged Rp 150.000,- per hour.
5. How much is the deposit money?
A deposit of 50% of the total fee is required to save the rent date. The balance is payable 30 days before the event and can be paid by transfer.
6. Would I get the digital copies from all the photos taken at the photo booth?
Yes. You will get a USB stick contains all the photos taken at the booth after the event.
7. Could my guests see the pictures after the event?
Yes. After the event has ended, we will make a password for you to access your gallery and your guests could look at the pictures.
8. Could we choose to print the photos to be full color or black and white?
Yes. Everybody that took a photo at the booth could choose how they like it to be printed per visit at the touch screen provided.
9. What type of printer do you use?
We use a brand new laser printer which is the best in the business. The printout is ready in only 13 seconds. Dries quickly and is water proof.
10. What type of camera do you use?
We use a Canon DSLR professional, the picture quality is sharp and clear.
11. What is the use of the Facebook feature?
This is so fun! Before you agree to rent, you make a photo album on your Facebook profile and the computer at the booth will directly post every photo that is being printed right to your Facebook photo album. It's that easy.
12. I have completed my booking form, can I now pay the deposit through Paypal?
We accept Paypal payments or you can directly transfer to our bank account in Indonesia and Australia.
13. What is your requirement and policy to cancel a booking?
- Cancellation – OVER 30 days notice - If you need to cancel your booking and give us more than 30 days notice we will refund any deposit paid a Rp.1.000.000. Cancellation needs to be in writing / email and not verbal. - Cancellation – LESS than 30 days - If you need to cancel your booking and give us less than 30 days notice your deposit will not be refunded. Cancellation needs to be in writing / email and not verbal.

If you can't find an answer to your question above, please feel free to phone us +6281999624678 or send an e-mail and we will be happy to assist you to ensure you have the best event!!